We're a wizard rock band from New York looking to keep the wrock alive. We write songs about Harry Potter. Please check out music out. New album coming out this summer. Visit our various other sites for more info.

25th July 2012


Finally! A new update!

Hey guys! I realize that nothing has been posted on here in quite some time and there is still no new music up and you guys are probably wondering what the hell. Well I’m here to explain everything that has been going on in the last few weeks and where the future of Kingsley and the Shacklebolts rests as of now.

So coming into this summer I wanted to keep myself as busy as possible by doing a bunch of things, these included but are not limited to: recording a new album with my other band, continuing a youtube mini-series I make, make my first independently budgeted and produced short film and make these two new Kingsley records and possibly play some shows. So naturally, for one summer this is a lot to take on, and I hadn’t really realized it at the time when I was planning out my future summer haha. So naturally some of the projects I have managed to complete, and others have sort of fallen by the wayside, such as Kingsley unfortunately. Considering Kingsley has a new and much larger line-up, it has been really hard to get everyone together to write and record. We’re kind of at a stand-still at the moment until we can get the ball rolling. Thankfully, I think that ball will start rolling again soon.

Now that my short film is done and our schedules are allowing us some more time, it looks like Kingsley’s future is very bright for the month of August. We should be able to tackle both of our new records this month and we plan to. We’ll keep you posted on our progress and we hope to start working on the Kingsley stuff the first few weeks of August. It’s going to be a really exciting month and we can’t wait to see what happens! Stay tuned!

- Connor

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8th June 2012


New Update

Sorry we’ve been neglecting our tumblr page, we’ve all been very busy working and doing other projects. We’re going to be recording new material hopefully as soon as the end of this month. This all depends on our schedules and all that jazz so stay tuned and we’ll let you know more when we have things figured out.

- Connor

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22nd May 2012

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We haven’t exactly been posting a ton of stuff lately but that’s only because we’ve been super busy preparing to record the new album. Lyrics have been completely written for the album and we recently completed purchasing all of the new recording equipment we wanted. We hope to start recording the new album by the end of the month, and hopefully can have the album be released by the end of June. We’ll keep you posted and more updates arrive!

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19th May 2012

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New Album Update

Hey guys! We ordered the last of the new recording equipment we need to record the two new albums we’ll be putting out this summer. We’ll be posting the album title and artwork soon so stick around for that. We’re all really looking forward to recording the new material and we hope you are too!

- Connor

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19th May 2012


canadiannot said: Yay!

Haha we’re really glad you’re interested in seeing us live! Depending on how well the new album goes over, we may be playing quite a few shows around New York this summer. 

18th May 2012


canadiannot said: Are you ever coming to Buffalo, NY?

We seriously would love to play a show in Buffalo! Maybe we can pull something off this summer. We’ll keep you posted. 

7th May 2012

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WrockFest in the Forest of Dean



Oct 12-15 near Greensboro, NC. Tons of wizard rock.

The band is hoping to play this. Depending on their schedules and the timing of the event. 

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30th April 2012

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"The Battle of Hogwarts" by Kingsley and the Shacklebolts

One of the band’s more epic songs, this was released on their third and most recent record, The Adventure Lives On… which can be listened to in its entirety on the band’s Bandcamp page. 

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28th April 2012

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If you haven’t already seen the new vlog on our YouTube page (www.youtube.com/KingsleyTV), then we’ll bring you up to speed on the band’s latest announcement. After seeing some displeasure from some fans over the price and recording quality of our first album posted on iTunes, the self-titled one, we’ve decided to re-record the entire first album with our current equipment and software that was used to record the last two albums, which is much better. We’ll be re-releasing the first album with updated sound quality on our Bandcamp page where we’ll be selling it for only $5, as opposed to the $9.99 price on iTunes, which we agree is ridiculous. However, we will also be selling the album on iTunes for those of you who don’t wish to buy the record from Bandcamp. We’re also still going to be releasing a brand new album of all new material this summer as well, so we’ve got a lot on our plates, but we’re confident we can do it! Stay tuned for more news updates. 

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28th April 2012

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"Down the Drain" by Kingsley and the Shacklebolts.

Off the band’s third album, The Adventure Lives On…

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